Friday, March 4, 2016

One ring to France returned

At Canoe Island French Camp we celebrate the bravery and generosity of knights of old during our 4th session, Les Chevaliers. Joan of Arc, a medieval French heroine, fought against the English towards the end of the Hundred Years War and is famous for her role in the battle of Orleans, which ended in a French victory and revived the French morale. She was eventually captured by the English, charged with sorcery, and burned at the stake. She was nineteen years old. The night before her execution, she gave her ring to an English cardinal. The ring has remained in England for over 600 years. Today, it was returned to France. The Puy du Fou Foudation, which purchased the ring for $425,000, will display the ring at a historical theme park in Nantes. For more details on its history, see the full BBC article.

Joan of Arc's ring

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