Sunday, April 29, 2018

Les morilles sont de sortie sur Canoe !!

 Les morilles sont de sortie sur Canoe
by Nicolas Yviquel

What an excellent gourmandise for us on Canoe these days ! At different places and on several times we have found morel mushrooms. This mushroom is one of the most convoités of all spring mushrooms. La raison ? If you have already tasted a morel, then you probably know why. It is a champignon really goûteux and fun to hunt.
The months of mars et avril are the best to find them but if you want to hunt, be careful. La cueillette des morilles has to be done slowly and with great care for this mushroom is un as du camouflage ! You don't want to miss any of these precious mushrooms nor step on them. These little ones like to hide alongside paths or on squishy, wet ground.
Attention, though: their eerie appearance is accompanied by toxicity. Morels must be cooked to become comestible. They are toxic crus.In an omelette, in ramens, along chestnuts with un roti, the possibilities are as wide as your gourmandise would go !
Bon Appétit !

les morilles sont de sortie = Morels are out
gourmandise = trea
convoité = coveted
la raison = the reason
champignon = mushroom
goûteux = flavourful
mars et avril = March and April
la cueillette des morilles = the morels picking
un as du camouflage = a champion of camouflage
attention = careful
comestible = edible
crus = raw
un roti = a roasting meat
gourmandise = love of good food