Thursday, May 12, 2016

47 années des souvenirs, pourquoi aimez-vous Canoe?

Canoe Island French Camp, founded in 1969, is home to 47 years of memories, friendships and stories. Why do you love Canoe? I invite all those with connection to this special place to reflect on that question and let us know! Be it in the comment section here, or an email sent to

I'll start. Why do I love Canoe?

It's an island enchanted by years of shared experience, growth and exploration of culture and nature.

Campers and families find a sense of home and belonging to something bigger than themselves.

Our caring and attentive staff bring such passion and richness to the programming.

Grasse matinée!

Share with us why you love Canoe!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

le voila joli mois de Mai

Happy May Day! in France today is known as la fête du travail (labor day). All over France you will find vendors selling les muguets (lily of the valley). Lillies are often shared with friends and relatives as a sign of appreciation today. With that in mind, we'd like to show our appreciation for all of you by sharing this sweet poem avec quelques brins des muguets.

Here you are the pretty month of May
With your beautiful muguet
a little bouquet
to mark friendship...
a little bouquet
to bring happiness...
some sprigs of sweetness
some sprigs of happiness
on this first of may
to bring luck and joy