Monday, March 14, 2016

Charcuterie Creations

Devin Lowder, chef extraordinaire, is returning for another summer at Canoe Island French Camp and we couldn't be more excited. Especially since he has started back in the kitchen and begun curing salami, sausage and black forest ham for our spring and summer programs! The large walk in fridge used for camp is currently being used for most of the charcuterie operations. During the summer Devin says he will need to do one more round of curing meats to meet our programming demand. By then the walk in fridge will be in use, and Devin will use la cave, Dr. Austin's old wine cellar, to cure the remainder of the mouth watering viande! When is the soonest you can come try these savory delights? Sign up for one of our three Family Camps this spring and you'll be one of the first to taste these fresh charcuteries!

Devin and his first round of 2016 charcuteries

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