Sunday, October 28, 2018

The most famous French giraffe

Her name is Sophie and she may be one of France's most classic baby toys. Sophie was invented in 1961 by une entreprise française living just north of Paris. The toy quickly became un énorme succès and has continued to be one every since. 

I'm almost certain that I had a Sophie as a baby. My parents had a Sophie as babies and mes neveux have a Sophie now too. Sophie est tellement a must-have that French people don't hesitate; no matter what the gender of the baby, Sophie always seems to be the perfect toy. These giraffes are indeed pretty great même si they are quickly flooded with de la bave de bébé because babies love to teethe on it.

Bonus tip for people who consider purchasing a Sophie: the toy can be recyclée ! Yes, once your baby is too old for Sophie, the toy will make un jouet adoré for your dog! Sophie has un petit pouet in her body so trust me, babies and dogs love them!

For decades, French people have been in love with their girafe préférée and Americans have recently joined them. Sophie arrived in Californie in 2005 and has invaded the American market since then. Today the toy is still owned by a French company and entirely produced in France. Cocorico !
*A little side not on the use of "Cocorico". As you may know, France national animal is the rooster. A rooster is small but also fier et têtu ! If you you tell a French person that the rooster says "Cocka-doodle-doo" they will look at you very strangely. In France, le coq says "Cocorico." This sound is also used by the French as an expression of pride or something quintessentially French. For example: "France has the best équipe de foot in the world. Cocorico !" 

Vocabulaire :
une entreprise française = a French company
un énorme succès = a huge success
mes neveux = my nephews
est tellement = is such
même si = even if
de la bave de bébé = baby's drool
recyclée = recycled
un jouet adoré = a beloved toy
un petit pouet = a lilttle squeaker
girafe préférée = favorite girafe
Californie = California (You had this one, right ?)
fier et têtu = proud and stubborn
le coq = the rooster
équipe de foot = soccer team

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