Saturday, February 14, 2015


As the days slowly start to last longer, and while we are all getting ready for our first programs in the spring, we reached out to our past crew! Everybody will be spread out all around the world this summer and we are very glad to hear that they are all doing great!

Rémi is preparing his new experience abroad at the moment for summer 2015. He will leave for a new internship by the German shore of Bondensee (Lake Constance) at the border between Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. He will be working as a mailman for a few months.

Tchoko is now studying in Paris and will embark in a new adventure in South America. She is planing on staying in Peru for three months during the summer and achieve a humanitarian mission. She will start volunteering in a village in the mountains, then will volunteer in an orphanage in Lima

Anna has been busy since returning back from camp this summer, returning to Exeter University in England, studying hard and securing a part time job waitressing at a fancy italian restaurant. "Certainly not as much fun a job as working on Canoe Island, but there's nothing much like that available around here!" she said. Anna returned home to France to spend Christmas with her family and was lucky enough to spend a couple of days skiing in the Pyrenees, just over the French border in to Spain - giving her friends and her the opportunity to practice their Spanish as well as their skiing techniques! This second term has kicked off well and Anna is currently spending most of her free time trying to set up a Handball Club at the university, because believe it or not, the English barely know what the wonderful game is! She is also keeping her fingers crossed that her town will be as lucky as most others in the UK to get some snow!

Over the winter, Jack has been keeping busy with all of his studies and work. He now works as an infrastructural engineer designing new buildings all over the world! Jack spent a lot of time with his family and friends. He has kept in contact with some of the counselors at Canoe Island, and they message regularly. Amaury came to visit in December for a week and then together they traveled to Exeter to see Anna. Jack said: "it was great seeing both of them again!" In the summer 2015 he is going to the Greek Islands and then later on in the year he will travel around Thailand! Jack is saving money for a flight back to Canoe Island one day! 

Eden is currently living in Vancouver, BC. She works as a freelance illustrator and cheesemonger. Additionally, Eden is organizing and participating in various local art shows. This April, she is heading to France for three weeks to visit some Canoe alumni. She was part of a group of artists who created a full tarot card deck, now available in pre-order!

Perrine has been to Amsterdam and The Hague with her friends for a couple of days, and she spent New Year's Eve in the streets of Amsterdam and it was amazing!! Unfortunately she couldn't meet Tchoko who appears to also be there at the same time! Perrine is now back home in the south of France and she will stay there until August. She will probably be moving somewhere else in France after she passed her exam!

While this time last year Marisa was gallivanting around France and Europe, this winter she is taking a virtual journey into the world of French literature as she writes her senior thesis and prepares for exams on everything she has learned in the past four years. Who'd be interested in a morning activity this summer about the philosophy of Sartre? Just kidding. She thinks. (Marisa is indeed coming back for her forth summer as a counselor!)

Jehan left earlier than the rest of the crew last summer and headed straight to Quebec where he is studying Environmental Geography at the Université de Montréal. We're very happy to have Jehan back on Canoe Island this summer!

This winter Emily has been pretty busy studying for her senior chemistry exams and the MCAT (the entrance exam for medical schools), as well as doing research for her thesis in organic chemistry. When she is not in the science building (rare) Emily volunteers with the Girl Scouts, helping manage the area's cookie sales, or at Walla Walla's free clinic, doing various jobs and learning about the clinic. Emily misses camp everyday, and she hope everyone is having a great year!

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