Wednesday, February 18, 2015

La Ville Rose aux yeux tournés vers le ciel

Toulouse, a city with an exceptional heritage, has some wonderful surprises for you. Private mansions from the golden age of woad (a plant grown in the 16th century for its blue pigment), religious buildings with brick and stone decoration, rich collections in museums based in remarkable monuments and converted industrial sites: so many amazing places to see! Let the Ville Rose reveal all its history and charms as you travel among its streets and monuments.

A few things that you cannot miss during your visit of Toulouse include:
- The Capitole where the City Hall, the Théâtre national du Capitole orchestra and the opera house are located. 
- The Saint-Sernin basilica
- The Couvent des Jacobins

- The numerous museums (including Les Abattoirs)

- Le Canal du Midi: In 2009 Meg spent 2 weeks boating with her family on the Canal. She remembers: "The canal is peaceful and beautiful, and I loved dropping anchor in small towns to explore the markets. That was my first experience navigating locks, as well as my first time driving a boat. Too bad I didn't have the boating skills I have now back then."

- La Cité de l'Espace and Airbus site: we have Boeing in Washington. Discover its European competitor next to Toulouse where you'll learn everything about the A380, the biggest passenger airliner and discover many cool facts of space. 

la Basilique Saint-Sernin

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