Sunday, February 1, 2015

CIFC friends show their love for Camp in PHOTOS!

Eden in British Colombia 

Ashley in Massachusetts - Raymond in Washington - Mindy in California 
Aaron & Amanda,  Elise,  and Hannah Lu in Washington

Every year in the middle of the winter we take some time to remember how much we love camp! February 1st is national "I Heart Camp Day!" We are celebrating our love of camp within the Canoe Island community and with camps around the world. 

Jehan in Quebec - Jean-Baptiste in France - Brett in Oregon
Camille in Texas - Tchoko in France - Jordan in Minnesota

Camp is about having fun! It is also about creating long-term friendships, discovering, learning and building new skills. Camp is about appreciating the environment we are living in and learning how to protect it. Summer Camps are a true experience about growing for young people (campers and staff!). Every year we work on updating our programs and renovating our facilities, thanks to you.

Perrine in France - Jack in England - Meg in Pennsylvania 
Maxence in Texas - Amaury in Washington - Emilie & Rémi in France

Here at Canoe Island French Camp, we appreciate every single moment of the summer that allows us to learn. We are very thankful for this strong community supporting us and all the friends we have since the creation of this camp, almost fifty years ago!

Claire and Grace in Washington- Genevieve in Iowa
Emily & Marisa in Washington - Roni in Mexico - Shelby in Washington

Merci pour tout! 

Connie & Joseph in Oregon - Camille in France- Kimberly in Germany
Brittany, Yann, and Rosemary in Washington
Maia in Mexico - Stephanie in Massachusetts - Ariana in Colorado

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