Wednesday, March 30, 2016

French Revolution Trivia

Last Sunday, Canoe Island French Camp participated in the Seattle French Fest- a daylong celebration of francophone music, dance, language and culture. We greeted past and current campers, and introduced curious attendees to our summer French programs, family camps and school group programs. We also tested folks' knowledge of our session themes. Our French camp sessions incorporate four unique themes, and each has a rich and exciting history.

How well do you know la révolution française, les voyageurs, le monde francophone and les chevaliers? Over the next few weeks we'll ask you the trivia questions for each session! Check back the next week to see if your answers were correct.

La révolution française


The French Revolution was a time of political upheaval and change in France. In the late 18th century much of the French population was in grave poverty, even though the upperclass, les nobles, and the royal court continued to have lavish parties, paid no taxes, and seemed unconcerned with the growing discontent among the people. New taxes, rising prices of bread, and displacement of many to the cities to find work all added to the unrest. How much do you know about this time period? Test yourself with these four questions:

1. Qui était le roi français pendant la révolution française?
Who was the french king during the french revolution?

2. Les Etats Généraux étaient convoqués en 1789. Qui étaient les trois états des Etats Généraux?
The Estates General were convened in 1789. Who made up the three levels of the Estates General?

3. Le tiers états ont formés leur propre assemblée, l'Assemblée Nationale. Qu'est-ce qu'ils ont écrit pendant le Serment du Jeu de Paume?
The common people formed their own assembly, the National Assembly. What did they write during the Tennis Court Oath?

4. Qu'est-ce qui s'est passé le 14 juillet 1789?
What happened July 14, 1789?

unhappy peasants ready for a revolution!

les réponses~ 

1. Louis XVI

2. Le clergé, les nobles, le tiers états
The clergy, the nobles, the common people

3. Une constitution pour la France
A constitution for France

4. La prise de la Bastille!
The storming of the Bastille!

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