Thursday, March 30, 2017

Le Quebecois


Le Quebecois
by Lead Counselor, Charlotte Megret

You might already know that Canada has two official languages: l'anglais and le français. But did you know that the province of Quebec has declared that their only official language is French? Le Français plays a very important role in the way manle Québécois and French from France are actually quite different. I wanted to share with you some Québécois expressions très utiles that I heard everyday while living in Montreal.
y people from Quebec define their identity. Yet,

1. J'ai le goût de ________ : is used to say "I want to". In France you would say "j'ai envie de".

2. ça a pas d'allure!: a way of saying "That's ridiculous"

3. mon char: means "my car". this word is often said to be un anglicisme, but it can also be that many words in Québécois are old French words that France decided to drop a long time ago. In France, you would say "ma voiture".

4. tu m'niaise?! : "You're kidding?!". A very popular expression that you will hear all the time! In France you would say "Tu plaisantes?!" or "Serieux?!" (slang).

You are now ready for your next trip to Quebec, and don't forget to try their famous dish: La poutine!

Le français ~ French language

l'anglais ~ English language

Le Québécois ~ French from Quebec

Très utiles ~ very useful

Un anglicisme ~ an anglicism (a word borrowed from English into a foreign language)

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