Tuesday, November 15, 2016

France's reaction to Trump's victory


cover of La Croix after the US election

News across France last Thursday led with headlines relating to President-elect Donald Trump. Most included tones of shock and disbelief for his victory. La Croix was titled "L'inconnue" in reference to how little is known about his foreign policy and how many of his policies may impact the globalized world. They also warned against worrying too much with this message:

"What brings us together is worth more than that which divides us, it's better to build bridges than walls"

For the full range of discussion points around the United States election in France, including what it may mean for the upcoming elections in France, see this news clip from France 24. 

At Canoe Island we are constantly working to build bridges to understanding those different than ourselves: different languages, different cultures, different world views. Connie Jones, camp director, shared a message for the vision of Canoe Island French Camp looking forward:

"What we do for and with children and their families and the lessons we teach, should give us strength in the knowledge that we will make a difference in the outlook of the upcoming generation."

The desire to inquire and learn about those with different viewpoints from our own should not stop at camp. If anything, this election has revealed just how divided in thought an conversation the United States is. We need to focus on building relationships in our discussions and lead with curiosity from our hearts.

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