Wednesday, February 3, 2016

animal de compagnie

Razz paddling around Canoe Island

I can't imagine Canoe Island without Addie, Ben's loveable Australian shepherd. She is the real life teddy bear for campers and counselors and an excellent foot warmer during the winter months in the office. Not only that but she is a mother to two litters of adorable puppies. We are lucky to have two of them with us on the island. The rest have been sold to loving homes. Razz is my new baby dog. And I love him to pieces. It's amazing how quickly the bond between pet and owner can form. My new puppy has me wondering about pets in France.

Un animal de compagnie is an animal kept primarily as a companion and not for work purposes. About 50% of all households in France own at least one pet. The top five most popular types of pets may surprise you.

5. small mammals including rabbits (2.66 million)
4. birds (6.43 million)
3. dogs (7.42 million)
2. cats (11.41 million)
1. fish (34.99 million)

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