Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trois… deux… un… bonne année!!!!

In just a couple days the call of "Happy New Year" will echo around the world. Celebrations in cities and in small towns will light up the night skies. In my family we'd always head to a neighbor's house, where we would share a potluck dinner, board games for the kids, wine and discussion for the grown-ups, and everyone would gather round the tv screen to count down the fireworks from the Space Needle at midnight. We'd all have glasses of sparkling cider or champagne and some kind of noisemaker for the big moment. Kisses would be exchanged; the fireworks would be appreciated along with the sounds of a classical symphony. Then we'd slowly walk home as a family in the cold morning air. Finally we'd snuggle into our beds to sleep in on New Year's Day. From what I've read and heard, New Year's Eve in France, la Réveillon or la Saint-Sylvestre, is pretty similar.

Parties can consist of close friends and relatives or be with hundreds of people in a public venue. Some traditional foods you’ll find at these gatherings include des huitres, du saumon fumé, de la foie gras and du champagne. Starting off the new year by kissing friends and family under the mistletoe is common. And wishing folks a bonne année continues into February. One French comedian, Gad Elmaleh, has even included this practice in one of his stand ups.


From all of us here on Canoe, Bonne Année!

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