Monday, November 2, 2015

le chocolat

Le chocolat. Brought to Spain in the early 1500s by Cortez, sweetened with sugar and sipped in secret by aristocrats for almost 100 years. One theory is that with the marriage of Anne of Austria, daughter of Phillip III of Spain, to King Louis XIII of France in 1615, one of her wedding gifts for Louis included chocolate. And thus chocolate was brought to France.

In the 1700s, the first hydro powered chocolate mill was built in France. This made chocolate available to the masses. Chocolate houses became popular in Europe, places to sip chocolate and socialize. The tradition of building a community around chocolate and all the subtle bliss it provides continues on Orcas Island at Kathryn Taylor Chocolates.

This small chocolate shop combines local ingredients with French chocolate. Seasonally harvested fruits, berries and nuts make for a year round adventure in flavors. The storefront in Eastsound is a corner stop for locals and visitors. Next time you are in the San Juan Islands, be sure to stop in and savor the flavors, of chocolate!

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