Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Metz, la Ville verte de l'est aux multiples facettes

La Porte des Allemands, Metz

Sorry, this time you don’t pronounce the ‘t’ in Metz. But no worries, many French people don’t even know it either. With its proximity to Germany and Luxembourg, Metz offers an interesting mix between a strong Germanic culture and Romance influence. There are many things you should see if you are in town. Take the TGV (French speed train) from Paris and make it all the way east in just 1h30min! As soon as you will step in the train station also called the Imperial Station Palace, you will be impressed by its facade. Take the time to visit the Saint-Stephen Cathedral with the largest expanse of stained-glass windows in the world, or the Basilica of Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains, one of the oldest churches in the world. One of the last bridge castles in France is located in Metz. It is called the German’s Gate (la Porte des Allemands). If you are not in the mood for visiting old buildings, chill in the numerous public gardens thanks to which Metz gained its nickname of the Green City. Don’t hesitate to visit the Centre Pompidou-Metz, a branch of the Parisian Pompidou arts center. Jump in the train, we won't go far away next week!

View on Metz historic center from the Centre Pompidou-Metz

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