Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Discover a Taste of Paris in Seattle!

Some Seattleites wait an entire year to return to Canoe Island French Camp to eat French food, study French, and immerse themselves in French culture.  Others wait a lifetime for a trip to Paris.  For Francophiles in Seattle who are looking for a taste of France a bit closer to home, the shop Paris Eastside in Capitol Hill is a haven. In 2012, native Parisian Muriel-Marguerite Foucher opened the store, which offers cooking classes, imported French food, and Parisian gifts. Muriel-Marguerite owned a cooking school in Paris where she taught Anglophone tourists before relocating to Washington with her family.

Canoe Island Marketing Coordinator Margaret Schafer dropped into the store recently to meet Mme. Foucher. Canoe Island campers might be particularly interested in the cooking classes she offers for children and teenagers: participants make a variety of treats in the one- or two-hour classes, including tartes, mousse, or quiche. Muriel also offers adult classes, where participants master delicacies such as macarons or ├ęclairs. Of her cooking philosophy, Muriel-Marguerite says, “We eat every day so we should learn to do it well,” which is our philosophy on Canoe Island as well. Recently, Muriel published a cookbook on using a microwave to make French culinary classics, which she wrote for her son in college.

For anyone lucky enough to visit the city of lights, Muriel’s company also offers tours of Parisian farmers’ markets, the Jewish quarter, and a private tour of a Parisian candy shop. Of her hometown, Muriel reflects that Paris may have beautiful architecture but Seattle has far more beautiful natural surroundings. She also commends Seattleites on their friendliness! Stop by her shop in Capitol Hill or check out her website or facebook page to learn more. 


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